Goldenland Building Project
275 Nguyen Trai Street , Thanh Xuan District , Ha Noi
Tel : 04.355.10.186 * Fax : 04.355.10.188

Golden Land occupy a prime location situated on Nguyen Trai road, the only road connecting Ha Dong and a number of neighboring urban districts of Hanoi. The project is located near the intersection of Ring Road 3. From here, people are very easy walk to Ho Hoan Kiem, Noi Bai International Airport, the National Convention Center, My Dinh Stadium … In the future Golden Land will easily connect with the neighboring city by highway system from Thanh Tri bridge to Pham Hung road and elevated railway system. It can be asserted, the location of the project serves as an open door access to the best gadgets of the municipality.
In the development of the capital, Nguyen Trai street is a developing area with a lot of projects are being implemented, is located near the National Convention Centre and many major universities such as the University of Sciences natural Sciences, University of social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi University, the University of Architecture, University Security … along with a system of colleges, vocational schools focus. In particular, it is close to the high school specializing in Natural Sciences has a reputation in the national school system specialist. Thus, a habitat “independent affiliate” will increase the quality of life for residents of the Golden Land.