Owner: Hoang Huy Group

LogoHoangHuyGroupNew_200JSC Investment Financial Services Huy Hoang Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Trade Hoang Huy, Certificate of Business Registration No. 046 477 by the Department of Planning and Investment issued on 28/10/1995 Haiphong, paper business permits number 0203003771 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong registration date 25/12/2007 01/03/2010 change 3 times.
Main business areas: construction of civil engineering, industrial and investment projects in real estate, manufacturing, assembly, commercial motorcycles, trucks and cars travel.

Over more than 10 years of construction and development, Hoang Huy Group is one of the pioneering companies in Vietnam in cooperation with Chinese enterprises to the automotive, motorcycle market presence in Vietnam . So far the company has grown to become a comprehensive large corporations with more than 800 employees of which 30% qualified staff of engineers, 8% on qualified employees and 30% are university employees business, others are skilled workers.

From inception to date, the scale and professionalism and credibility with customers of the Group is increasingly high. The Group’s position has been strengthened and improved not only the domestic market but on the international market.

Some pictures of the group’s headquarters Hoang Huy


Group headquarters at 116 Hoang Huy Nguyen Duc Canh , TP . Haiphong


JSC Investment Financial Services Hoang Huy


JSC investment and services Hoang Huy


Project Goldenland at 275 Nguyen Trai – Hanoi


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