275 Nguyen Trai – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi


Golden Land Project Overview

Golden Land Project by Hoang Huy Group as an investor , started in late 2010 .


– The project was carried out on the land with total area of ​​2,4ha . construction density of approximately 39 % . construction floor area of about 141.000m2 , coefficient of land use around 5lan . Approved architectural planning and construction license 5 buildings ( from 25-33 floors ) :

+ 3 apartment buildings 25 and 27 storeys high levels with 3 basement for the entire block .
+ 1 building business center services 33-storey office with 3 basement
+ 1 building at a height of about 21 floors , 3 basements .

– Total investment of the project is expected in 4000 billion project was designed by consulting the Group of France ‘s top designers – JSC Archipel


Overview of Project Golden Land Court Building


State 1:

– Starting in late 2010 and completed in the first quarter of 2014 to perform construction 3 luxury apartment buildings, with 25 and 27 floors on an area of ​​5521 m2 construction is allowed by the State land use long “Forever“.
– Three basement garage, technical area construction area of ​​each basement lumpy than 12.018m2 total construction floor area of ​​approximately 40,000m2 basement 3.
– Level 1 + mezzanine yard layout, the student community septic, kindergartens, parks and commercial services building floor area 1st floor is 5.415m2.
– Floor space layout techniques greenery, gardening, sports, swimming pools, bars and other public services.
– 2nd floor to 25th floor apartment layout designed 700 apartments, each apartment is arranged living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and a spacious balcony with 2-3 bedrooms, area per unit …… 90 … -145m2 household / unit.
– Each apartment has the preferential right to send 01 cars and motorcycles from 2-3.
– Density using the elevator about 40 households / 1 elevator, fire alarm systems, surveillance cameras and guard 24/24.


State 2:

– 12/2015 2013 to implement building blocks of business center services high-end office 33 floors. And the 21-storey housing blocks. State allocates land for long term use – Permanently for the people of Vietnam.

– The volume of trade and service center office 33 floors with 3 basement garage, technical area, building floor area 4.333m2 total construction floor area 12.999m2 3 basements.

– 1st floor lobby layout, office, hotel, 2,3,4 floor supermarket layout, each floor height of 4.2 m.

– Technical floor layout combines green space, gardens, sports public service.

– Floors 5 to 20 office layout and houses for rent, floor 20 to floor 30 hotel layout, 31.32 floor, the restaurant layout 33 total floor area of ​​building trade center business rooms are 21.903m2 land use coefficient is 3.9 times.



” Photos Layout apartment 3 bedrooms + 1 extra ”


” Photo layout 2 -bedroom apartments typically “

Golden Land projects completed in the first quarter of 2014, will meet the demand for housing, offices, commercial services with modern architecture, open space. positioned as an important transport hub in southwest gate of Hanoi with Nguyen Trai has completed and synchronized multi-lane dedicated to the Automotive, Bus is, cars, bikes, people walk … Special bietTuyen first elevated railway linking Hanoi Center for Ha Dong will complete by the end of 2014, more elevated highway from the bridge first ran away Thang Long Highway 1 will completed in late 2012, with facilities and convenient transportation infrastructure, community populated with more than ten major universities, known for both Countries. Golden Land promises, committed to providing customers with convenient service, the best quality for the modern living ….


With special position after the completion of , a business center Goldenland Building housing services will become the key link downtown areas and urban areas are formed on the extended route Nguyen Trai .


” Map of Golden Land Project Area – 275 Nguyen Trai – Hanoi ”

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