Deputy recruitment business working at 275 Nguyen Trai

– To follow the program marketing plan , advertising plans , promotions . Tracking and reporting the performance results.
– Detection of marketing opportunities by researching and analyzing sales data and market.
– Implementation of information campaigns and advertising .
– Protect the value of the organization by keeping the information secret marketing.
– Updates job knowledge by attending industry seminars and training; see specialized publications ; establish a network of personal relationships , join a professional organization of trades .
– Achieving the tasks of organizing and marketing tasks by completing the relevant goals when required.
– Expansion of product distribution channels.
– Accomplishes marketing and sales objectives by contributing information and recommendations on marketing and sales activities for the review and strategic planning.
– Achieving financial goals of the business and marketing by anticipating needs, monitoring the annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analysis of the fluctuations; initiating corrective actions.
– Prediction and deploy sales quotas nam.Phan trend analysis and results; establishing pricing strategies; recommended selling price, competition.
– Planning, development, implementation and evaluation of advertising, buying, and promotions; implementing sales action plans for each product category.
– Maintain relationships with major customers by regular customer visits; explore the specific needs, anticipate new opportunities.

– Working in a dynamic environment
– Income: Salary between 10 and 20 million ( depending on capacity )
– Participation in all sports activities and entertainment companies .
– Benefit better , annual vacation , full support quiz
– Graduated in Marketing , Business Administration
– Is the market background , good professional . There are extensive relationships with media
– Active, logical thinking and strategy. Dynamic , enthusiastic and dedicated to the job
– Job application.
– CVs .
– Household registration, identity card and medical certificate .
– The relevant qualifications .
Pham Minh Trang
No. 275 , Nguyen Trai Street , Thanh Xuan Trung Ward , Thanh Xuan District

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